The veterenary comes at home

CuFAfter many years that our European neighbours have been enyoying this service with a great succes, because of the advantage of the „Mobile veterinarian“ for the pets now it has arrived to the Costa Brava, this services of consultation and home treatment.
Having a corresponding certification of the Official Veterinaries of Girona, I offer you a service for the wellness of the pet at home, prevention, nutrition, reproduction, etc..Between the activities that we can offer includes: microchipping, icluding registration, vaccination, general health, healing, treatment of skin diseases, allergy, parasitology, infectious diseases, otolaryngology, hormonal disorders, sanitation and dental hygiene, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mediterranian, emptying anal glands and euthanasia.In collaboration with a prestigious clinic of the Empordà give as the opportunity to realize all those interventions that are invasive such as sterilization, castration and minor surgery.

The home visits has the benefit toward the sick pet: he is treated in his ambience without the stress of the transportation and the waiting room. This way there is no danger of contagion. For you as the owner is a relaxing situation, the best save of your time, to make other things meanwhile waiting for the veterinary.

And something you don’t have to pay more that what is charged in the area.

The Mobile Unit „Veterinär-Mobil Jahnke“ has all the professional material, to realize any veterinarian intervention and to diagnose anything.
Available we are almost 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.
Our working area is from the Baix and the Atl Empordà, from Empuriabrava to Sant Feliu de Guíxols and all surroundings.

I am graduated by the „Freie Universität Berlin“ in Germany, with over 30 years of professional experience as a veterinarian in clinics and veterinarian hospitals like Germany and Australia.

Until May 2011 we had the mobile clinic, „Mobile Kleintierpraxis Jahnke“ in the jurisdiction of Dortmund.

For more details:
Refer to adress Veterinary
„Veterinär-Mobil Jahnke“
Christiane Jahnke
Collegiate No.
Gi – 974
Mobile: 672 477 649